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Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Is What Lemon Law In Wisconsin Is All About

If you are not familiar with the lemon law in Wisconsin, you need to pay attention. The first thing is to know what exactly a lemon is. A lemon is a new vehicle which has the following characteristics and the warranty period of one year has not yet expired. Firstly, it is new whether bought or leased, secondly it is a truck, car or motor cycle, thirdly it must have developed serious defects or a defect before the warranty period of one year was over. Fourthly, the defects have brought about serious safety issues and decreased its overall value. Finally, a lemon is also known when it has been repaired four times without working and it has failed to serve you for 30 consecutive days.

Therefore, the lemon law in Wisconsin was formulated to help consumers who purchase defective new cars to be compensated in a legal and proper way. There are several things that a lemon owner should do to make sure that the lemon law in Wisconsin works for them fairly. They should get a repair order every time they visit the repair store whether the problem is solved or not. The repair order should show clearly what problem you reported to have with the vehicle and it should also show the dates when you took your vehicle to be repaired. Other vital documents that will help are purchase contracts and warranties. Many people are fond of carelessly placing their documents and if you want the law to work in your favor, you need concrete evidence.

You can use the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to ask for a replacement of the the lemon vehicle. You will then send the lemon law notice to the manufacturer and they have only 30 days to respond to it. The manufacturer will be required to bear all the costs that have occurred due to the lemon car. Before you take things further, use all the avenues available for you to settle the matter. You can use your manufacturer's arbitration program. Talk to a lawyer if everything fails and if your case is in order, the court must decide whether your vehicle is a lemon. You will then produce all the documents to support your case and everything must be duly presented.

If your case is genuine, you can win the case and when you win, you can get even double compensation to cover all your troubles. The lemon law in Wisconsin will have worked for you. The Dealer and Agent Section will help you resolves all the disputes you might have pertaining to vehicles and lemon vehicles. Indeed, this is a great law that safeguards the rights of customers and makes sure they are protected from unscrupulous dealers. You can find the Wisconsin lemon Law Statues in chapter 218.0171 under replacements, refunds repairs and warranties of new motor vehicles. You can read this law on the internet and get to be empowered. If you live in Wisconsin, you do not have to worry because you are well covered by the law.

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