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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Different types of auto insurance

Nowadays auto insurance is the ideal way to ensure a good life for yourself and your expensive vehicle. Auto insurance keeps safe your huge amount of money spent on your automobile. But on the same hand, auto insurance is also quite expensive. However there are different types of auto insurance policies available today. It is at an individual’s discretion which policy he can afford to adopt.

1. Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy Types- though this policy is the most expensive one yet it is the most widely adopted type of auto insurance. This is so because the insurance provides compensation or covers all sorts of cases such as theft, accident, wear and tear etc. If unfortunately an accident occurs where you were not at fault while the other driver who did the accident does not disclose his and his insurance details; you ought not to worry. For being a policyholder of the fully comprehensive program, you can register an insurance claim against your insurance company. But while taking this policy one essential thing should be borne in mind. There are a few auto insurance companies that do not insure your vehicle 100% of its value but of 80% or so. Even though many companies defend their policy as a measure to prevent themselves from fraud cases etc. yet try your bets to find the agency that insures your vehicle 100%.

2. Third Party, Fire and Theft- this type of insurance is basically meant for those car owners who have had finished their car loans but still admire, cherish their car and have great sentiments attached to it. This policy is somewhat akin to the fully comprehensive one but not identical to it. For like the latter the former covers cases of theft, accident, fire etc. but in case of an accident you can receive compensation only when you were at fault and had hit another car. So if any other car hits yours or you by mistake bang t in the garage, the insurance company will not come to your financial aid.

3. Third Party Insurance- it is the insurance that is the cheapest of all and covers only cases of accident where you were at fault and hit a third party. The insurance company is not to be contacted in case of any other mishappening with your vehicle. This insurance policy is generally preferred by those who own an old and less pricey car or any other vehicle.

4. Specialized Car Insurance- is basically for cars categorized as classic, those that are 25 years old. These cars are insured as classic and so accordingly they have their requirements and services. The classic car insurane policy can be said to be as good as the comprehensive one but the only drawback associated with it is that it limits the policy taker to a limited number of road miles he can drive in any given year.

Ultimately it is at the discretion of every individual which policy he desires to take. It is advisable to sort out one’s requirements and budget and also make a survey of the auto insurance policies in the market before actually grabbing a policy.

Home Insurance: The Easiest Way to Protect Your Home

Every homeowner has a fear of losing his home due to flood or earthquake or any other unavoidable circumstances. One way to remain tension free would be to take an insurance policy which gives you protection of your home against any man made or natural disaster. This insurance is a contract between a homeowner and an insurance company in which you need to pay the premiums. A standard policy insures the home as well as the things which are kept in it.A home insurance not only protects your home but also protects you against liability claims of injury. So it also covers the damage caused by household pets or in case of a theft in your house. This is a necessary investment as you need to protect your home from unexpected events like fires, theft, storms, etc. To find the best policy, one needs to do comparison shopping. Browse the variety of websites and compare what each company can provide for the premium you quote. Shop around for the best homeowners insurance rate and save a lot of your hard earned money.Homeowner's insurance is the perfect way to protect your house which you have bought with your hard earned money. Even if you have a small house, it is your treasured asset. So, you need to ensure that you get the best homeowners' insurance policy for yourself. Make sure that your policy covers your home under the "all risks" clause. A good home insurance policy in place will protect you from a sudden calamity and other unfortunate events which can damage your home. Apart from financial protection, one can also get peace of mind as his or her home is protected against every unfortunate events.Always read the policy carefully and clear out what your insurance doesn’t cover. It should cover you for everything inside your home like furniture, clothes, curtains, etc. The cost of insurance varies depending on the size of the house, value of personal possessions, type of house and the area in which you live. So, go online and find different insurance providers competing against each other. You just need to compare their services and then select the one that suits you. Also take time to visit some home insurance quote sites offering quotes on insurance policies. - Andrena Markley

Last Minute Travel Insurance

Many travellers wait until the last minute before buying their travel insurance, because they know that if they purchase the insurance online, they can have a policy in their hands straight away. This is how most online insurance websites normally do business. However, buying their travel insurance very close to the date they are going to leave town on holiday or on a business trip runs a greater risk of them being uninsured in case they have to cancel their trip.

How can this be? What does waiting to purchase travel insurance have to do with cancelling your holiday or business trip? It all has to do with one of the benefits of travel insurance. Lets say you have plans to go on holiday. You have your plane tickets and have booked a hotel room at your destination. Youve purchased new luggage and some new clothing and you just cant wait to go on holiday - its been so long since you were able to get away!

But... what if something happened to you before you went on holiday? You may become ill or injured, or possibly someone in your immediate family could pass away. Any of these reasons could cause you to cancel your long-planned holiday. Heres where travel insurance would come in very handy. Most travel insurance policies, such as those from insure4less have a type of travel cancellation insurance insurance that would take care of the expenses incurred as a result of having to cancel your holiday. Buying travel insurance before the last minute would avoid the risk of this happening and leaving you out of pocket.

Life is not a given. We never know what is going to happen to us or to members of our family from one day to the next. Anything could come up suddenly that could cause a holidays unexpected, yet forced cancellation. By putting off buying your travel insurance until the last minute, you are making yourself vulnerable to losing not only your holiday but also the money you have already spent. Thats why you should take the time to check out for the best rates and travel insurance for Australians.

People are often busy before going on holiday and can panic when they realise how little time they have left to tie up loose ends before their trip. This can result in them rushing around and buying the first travel insurance policy that they come across. They may be happy that they have managed to grab a travel insurance policy at the last minute but what if something does go wrong and the insurance they have bought does not give them the cover that they were expecting?

Imagine a parent discovering that the policy they bought at the last minute and entrusted to take care of their familys needs while on holiday, ends up turning them down for medical coverage because their childs asthma was considered to be a pre-existing condition by their insurance company. Taking time to shop around and compare policies like the ones provided by companies like insure4less could have saved them a great deal of worry and money. Insure4less provides a list of pre-existing medical conditions which clearly shows what they do cover and asthma is one of them!

It is surprising how many people buy an insurance policy that is not right for them or their situation. Research shows that around 63% of people who are planning a holiday do not bother to take out a travel insurance policy until the last minute. They are not then covered for any of the bad luck that could occur in the run up to their trip which could end up with them having to cancel. Leaving it until the last minute and buying insurance in a rush can often mean they dont allow themselves time to make sure they read the fine print and are therefore getting the right coverage! Many people who dont read the fine print before buying their policy can end up very sorry afterwards however, insure4less have their Product Disclosure right on their website, so that anyone can examine it closely before deciding whether or not to buy the travel insurance policy.

Some people think it is perfectly fine to travel with no insurance at all and do not realise what a huge risk they are taking! If, for example, they were involved in a car accident, what would they do? Without travel insurance coverage, they could very well end up having to pay out an enormous sum of money for medical and other expenses.

If you want to make sure you are covered for your holiday before and during your trip, you should purchase your travel insurance as soon as you have put a deposit down on your flight or accommodation. And, if you are looking for a travel insurance company that has cut out the commission that the travel agent usually gets, and the travellers pay for, check out insure4less! They have a selection of policies to suit almost all needs and budgets.

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