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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Is The Lemon Law About?

If you are probably asking what is the lemon law, you will be happy to hear that it can be your best friend. We all love our cars and when we get new cars, we cannot wait to show it off to our friends because we are happy. If you have a lemon, your joy will be short lived because, the new vehicle is not what you think it is. A lemon will begin to show signs of being defective and your journeys will be soon cut short. It can be a very frustrating experience and you need something to assure you that all will be alright. Therefore you go to the repair shop and you have a bit of hope when your vehicle is up and running again.

But, it does not take even a week before you experience another problem and now the symptoms of a lemon begin to be seen clearly. A lemon is therefore a defective vehicle that has not served the owner during and after the warranty period. The thing that will surely make you relax is the lemon law. By now, you should have known that a lemon law is a legal bind or entity, to help out those people who have bought defective cars or lemons. The laws enable the lemon owner to have compensation or refund, depending on each particular case. These lemon laws are particularly found in The United States of America and they can be found in virtually every state states.

However, they are not similar and therefore they differ from state to state. Some states cover used cars while others do not. Most cover new cars or leased cars. If you go on the internet and type in 'what is the lemon law', you will certainly get so much information on the topic. Some of the things that you will learn are on how you qualify to make a lemon law claim. You will also see the steps that should be followed so as to achieve your compensation. When you see an attorney, you will get to learn what is the lemon law and this is because there are lawyers dedicated to helping people make their claims.

So many law firms have sites where they advertise their services and if you have reached a stage where you need a personal lawyer, then make sure you hire one that is reputable. There are very many aspects to the lemon law and there are so many laws that are used with the lemon law to make sure that justice has been delivered. It will be good to acquire the knowledge of the lemon laws even if you have never dealt with a lemon. Most people get confused and stressed when a lemon happens to them. You can overcome this by being prepared for anything. Therefore, get searching and know what is the lemon law. Wh0en you have the information, the next time somebody asks what is the lemon law, you can confidently give them an answer
(article by peter gutundu

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